We pride ourselves on the fact that our websites are amongst the cheapest bespoke websites around.

However, whilst they are affordable, they are of the very best quality.

There is no one fixed price for a website, as all are very different, but please read on to get an idea of prices...


To run a website you will require: the website design itself (i.e. the code, the graphic / images and the text); a server to 'host' the website; a domain name, or address for the website. You can also have emails and databases.

Unlike most website providers, jmnp websites are all-inclusive, which means that you will never be stung for additional large bills. However, we are also more than happy to build websites for use on your own servers.

Features and Technologies

Our websites are costed depending on the number of pages that you want, and the number of features and technologies required (i.e. whether you want live calendars, news feeds, document archives, discussion forums or photo gallaries etc.) The more complex and the larger the website you want, the more that it will tend to cost.


If you are having difficulties deciding what your website cost will be, please submit your details and requirements and we will get right back to you with a quote for your website needs.